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Use the interactive reports of the BES platform to get more insights and data-driven ideas for business development

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time preparing and organizing data and focus on finding new opportunities for the chain


Big Data with Artificial Intelligence Algorithms


each metric with unique dashboards and visualizations

Big Data Management

BES platform reports help you quickly and efficiently analyze chain Big Data. In a few seconds, you can get sales metrics for the chain, detailing them by store, category and SKU. There is no need to upload data from the accounting system, to understand complex and incomprehensible tables, since all data is in one place in an aggregated and structured form. The intuitive interface of the services and the ability to create your charts and dashboards make your work as productive and useful as possible for the chain

Convenient Data Visualization

Unique visualizations, a simple and understandable drag-and-drop dashboard-building technique, the ability to customize their style make presentations as informative as possible for chain managers. Each metric comes to life on dynamic and interactive graphs in BES reports and reveals more details about the state of the business

New insights with AI tools

Get access to forward-looking information that opens new horizons for your business. BES solutions reports transform complex machine learning analysis into an accessible and understandable language for all metrics and visualizations. Use smart algorithms that notice the smallest details and non-obvious patterns and help managers get insights to make business decisions


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