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Dashboards on the BES platform

Easily create BI dashboards and quickly explore business processes using visualized data

Visualise the key metrics of your business processes with Datawiz Builder dashboards constructor

Use BI dashboards to study and improve every process of the retail chain

Quickly analyze and explore data with dashboards

Spectacular showcases

Create visualisations based on 17 different layout options: charts, tables, graphs. Unlock the potential of your data, work with colour and display style

Spectacular showcasesSpectacular showcases

Fast communication

Share your dashboards and visualizations with colleagues and platform users. Manage access levels in a few clicks

Fast communicationFast communication

Flexible settings

Use ready-made, customized metrics for visualization or create your own. Combine and compare data, easily customize the necessary sections on each dashboard

Flexible settingsFlexible settings

Intuitive interface

Create interactive dashboards easily thanks to a concise, intuitive interface: drag-and-drop technology allows to take data into the desired blocks, columns, filters

Intuitive interfaceIntuitive interface

Gallery of dashboards for retail. See examples of dashboards for different processes in stores

Dashboards - Key chain KPIs

Keep your finger on the pulse of your chain's key metrics. Monitor the quantity of sales, receipts, keep track of chain and store-by-store plans

By Datawiz Dashboard BuilderDatawiz Builder

Dashboards - Store performance

Analyze the stores performing like the palm of your hand! Evaluate cashier performance during peak traffic hours. Keep track of your point-of-sale plan and the efficiency of each product category

By Datawiz Dashboard BuilderDatawiz Builder

Dashboards - Work with categories

Get detailed information on the turnover of each SKU in your chain. Keep track of sales and turnover of each category. Rank categories by sales and adjust the assortment according to the dynamics

By Datawiz Dashboard BuilderDatawiz Builder

Dashboards - Marketing

Analyze your loyalty program data point by point. Calculate profits and analyze which promotional items are in the highest demand. Analyze your customers to improve customer experience and make more personalized offers

By Datawiz Dashboard BuilderDatawiz Builder

Dashboards - Collaborate with suppliers

Establish cooperation with your suppliers! Check the effectiveness of your suppliers with sales reports on their categories. Organize timely deliveries and adjust the assortment based on the sales quantity, their structure, and stocks

By Datawiz Dashboard BuilderDatawiz Builder

Why Datawiz Dashboard Builder?

The Builder data visualisation tool on the BES platform is a useful instrument for assessing the efficiency of chain workflows

Create dashboards quickly and efficiently using drag-and-drop technology, display data at the desired levels and sections, and analyse information presented in the form of dynamic charts and graphs

Data analysis with Builder dashboards from Datawiz is all about analysing the past, monitoring the present and adjusting your company's future

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