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ETL technology

Integrate data into the BES platform quickly and securely with ETL tools

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ETL technology

Working with the analytical platform requires the preparation and loading of chain Big Data. With ETL technology, your data will be quickly integrated and connected to solutions. Our IT specialists take care of the security and accuracy of the transfer of each metric into the platform


with BES solutions through any accounting system

Be sure

that every metric you upload is checked for correctness


chain performance in real-time with automatic data synchronization

ETL tech is a tool for fast and secure data integration

ETL tech is a powerful technology that connects analytical solutions to your data in a few simple steps. Each step is accompanied by our specialists, who guarantee the correctness of the download of each metric, the subsequent adjustment of reports, and daily uploading with automatic data synchronization. It allows you to always have up-to-date analytics and assess the chain situation in real time

Data integration

Turn data integration into a quick and user-friendly process. To connect the BES solution, it is enough to follow structured steps accompanied by technical support from Datawiz. Regardless of the level of your IT service, every chain metric will be uploaded to the BES platform error-free and at the time you need it

Data synchronization

Give your analytics real power by analyzing every metric in real-time. To do this, ETL technology synchronizes your data daily and keeps it up to date. The loading process is debugged automatically and will not cause difficulties for your specialists. Due to up-to-date data, you will always know what is happening on the chain at the current moment, and your decisions will be timely and effective

Data security

Security and protection of customer data are the highest priorities. To do this, we use modern information protection technologies and monitor security levels regularly. All downloaded customer data is stored on servers in Germany under 24-hour electronic access control and video surveillance

Our customers remain the sole owners of their data and only they have access to it. A weekly backup process is configured in order to avoid data loss

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